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Tenkara Furled Line

What makes our Tenkara furled lines different?

  • Our Tenkara furled lines are made on a precision furling system that allows us to control all of the parameters that go into making a furled line.
  • We have spent years developing our formulas, working with professional guides and perfecting our furling machine, to get the best performing Tenkara furled lines on the market. 
  • All of our lines are made with 5 segments that give them a more uniform taper and better performance. These custom made tapered lines are one continuous strand and made with only the best materials. We inspect and test all of our lines before we ship. 
  • Our Tenkara furled lines will not fray like furled lines made with fly tying thread. We have all seen how the thread can fray on your flies with heavy use. Your line gets the same punishment on rocks and snags. Why risk losing a fish of a lifetime with a frayed thread line.   
  • Shorb loops on both ends or tippet ring on the tippet end make attaching this leader to your fly line or tippet a breeze and saves time, giving you more time on the water. 

About Furled Leaders/Lines:

Furled leaders/Lines are a knotless tapered fly fishing leader/Lines made with several strands of material that are spun together (think tapered rope). They are known for their high performance, low memory and the ultimate in delicate presentations, making furled leaders/Lines are a great choice. Furled leaders/Lines aid in turning over your fly and these leaders/Lines lay out perfect every time. Furled leaders/Lines can also improve your roll cast.  These leaders are stronger than other tapered leaders. Furled leaders work as a shock absorber that will help keep your fish from breaking off.  Bottom line is that our furled leaders/Lines will help you cast and fish like a pro!

Recent Feedback:

 Skip Dixon

21 hrs · Instagram · 

Good afternoon 😎
Product review 
MDE Custom Furled Leaders
I apologise but because of a full schedule I have moved up Saturdays product review. So lets get started. A few weeks ago I came into contact with 
MDE Designs. He sent an array of various leaders for our product review. Cadillac years ago started a campaign saying this was not your fathers caddy anymore. Well these leaders are definitely not either. The first thing that popped out to me was how clear, clean and thin these leaders are. It had been years since I have even considered using one. That thought process has now changed. Over the last week field testing I was shocked. The fluorocarbon leaders were in fact undetected even in gin clear water. They come in various lengths and wt.
3-9 wt along with a nymphing and streamer leaders. No need to bore anyone with specifics as these can be researched on their website which will be posted below. Their claims of durability are quite accurate. I tried to literally burn these leaders on wood and hot metal. It was unsuccessful. Leader memory is very low. Price for such a product seems very reasonable. With that being said I can highly recommend this product. It is also important to state that these reviews are totally unbiased with no payment of any kind. Simply just for us as the consumer .
Tight lines
Skip Dixon
The Lees Ferry Chronicles

I am a convert… these leaders perform well indeed… they turn over the tippet and they are easy to cast. I am truly impressed. I am about to order three more… and I am so pleased to have made your acquaintance. In any case, an order for three more furled leaders is coming. I did impress one of my friends with casting a furled leader… he too has never tried one and is likely to send in an order. Thanks for making my fishing more enjoyable. - Jim in sweltering hot Vermont

I loved the leader you gave me. I'll share a couple with my local friends here in Fort Collins and spread the word about MDE Designs.  –Rick M.

Accurate description, excellent communication & service. Would buy from again...  – DH

I got the leaders you sent. We plan to give them a try this week on the Carson. We passed out your cards and gave out a leader to a guide who was very interested in furled leaders. Cathy says it is easy to promote a product you believe in! - Sue

The three leaders arrived today and I am so pleased. Thank you, thank you, for superior service. Your extra effort to ship in a hurry means so much.  You made my day! Thanks so much… positive feedback coming... Jim H.

Remember I told you about my neighbor, the Idaho Power Fish Biologist, I'm giving him 2 of those samples you gave me.  I told him how well they work and he wants to try. – Mike U.

Excellent quality - fine craftsmanship  - KF

Very pleased with the leaders!! THANKS - SG

As described, careful pack and fast ship - thanks! - DR

Great leaders at a great price. Thanks! – EJ

Great leaders! Provide smooth dry fly presentation, without curling. Very strong. - Cathy

Perfect loops, lays out flat, no memory, expertly constructed leader. Product shipped promptly and was as described. Leader is very well made. - Sue

Very high quality leader, quick delivery.  -  Ed



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